Heart disease that took yet another dad

I just received a very sad news that my investment agent Mr T had passed away suddenly from heart attack. It was a real shock to me to know that he is gone so soon. It’s even more sadder to see the photo he took with his daughter- how proud he had looked during his daughter’s graduation [...]

Misleading information told to investors in unit trust

Recently at a gathering in someone’s house, I was flabbergasted by what came out of a so-called investment consultant who is selling unit trust. Initially, I thought she is still in the insurance line but she told me that she had moved on to a few financial companies settling unit trust and now she’s with [...]

The benefits of average dollar cost vs lump sum investment.

Suppose $10,000 is all you are able to set aside to invest. Since no one could predict the market, avoid putting in the entire sum. Put in an initial amount, say $2000 to invest, then do dollar averaging to deduct maybe $100 or $200 per month for you to purchase the funds. Average dollar costing [...]

Just invest, do average dollar costing and get on with life

There are those who effectively soak up information on the market, economy development, the best market and stock to invest in, etc. And they seemed to have good judgement skills and knowledge to be able to be able to make money most of the time. On the other hand, there are those who does not seemed [...]

Invest your money rather than spending it all off

About few months back, I’ve attended a course on investment. The speaker is a very sincere guy who has many years of experience in the investment industry. He mentioned 3 golden rules to follow with your money. The first rule is: INVEST YOUR MONEY IN ORDER TO GROW IT Invest your money We would not [...]