let go

Of letting go, forgiveness and being responsible for your feelings

While clearing my mailbox, I found this email that was forwarded to me in 2006. The message is meaningful, so I thought of sharing it here. Dr. Alan Zimmerman’s comments: Sooner or later, everyone you know will disappoint you in some way. They’ll say something or fail to say something that will hurt you. And [...]

Clutter and dust affect your energy levels

With Chinese New Year around the corner, everyday is housecleaning day. When previously I was never really into housework, now I spend most of my days doing either housework or gardening and enjoying it. One fact that became very obvious to me is that if our home, work area, car or anywhere that we spend [...]

Can We Really Attract Good Luck By Buying Certain Products?

I happened to saw a show in Astro AEC (Mandarin channel) that talks about how to enchance good luck, prosperity, attract a good mate, have a happy marriage, etc. While I consider some of the things she talked about to be useful, some of it really made me wonder… Now, the lady in the show [...]

Why Holding on to the Past May Be Bad for You

Many of us love to keep old memorabilias that reminds us of our past. We keep photos, gifts, old greeting/birthday cards, watch old movies and listen to old songs. It is okay if there are fond memories but if the past elicit feelings of regret and sadness due to wrong choices, passing away of a [...]