Piggie falls in love again- Journey to the West

This is post is part of  the series of posts written on the lessons from Journey to the West (1996 TVB version). Back to Journey to the West (TVB) Main Page Above: Piggie converted an old temple into a beautiful abode In their journey, the reached an old temple- Piggie used his psychic power and converted [...]

Moving forward in life- even if alone

As we venture through our life’s journey, we would lose valuable things along the way. For instance, when we made decisions or choose a path that our close friends no longer agree with us- and we are made to choose between them and our choice, what would we do? Or when we are in a relationship and [...]

Things that your mom wants you to know but is too proud to tell you

From the day we are born, our mom selflessly care and love us without condition. They have our best interests in their hearts- even though they may not able to express it well. This is especially if they’ve came from harsh background and grown up deprived of love. Older generations, especially Asians are very reserved when [...]

Love transcends all barriers- to story of my grandaunt

I was only 9 years old when my grandaunt passed away from old age. During that time, I was too young to understand what was life and death. My grandaunt loved me unconditionally from the day I was born- she was about 82 years old and insisted to personally take care of me instead of [...]

The Movie Marley and Me

The movie Marley and Me, starring Owen Wilson (John) and Jennifer Aniston (Jenny) can relate to people. It’s about a couple who started out with a very naughty and mischievous puppy who later have 3 kids and move 2 houses. Part of the story line shows us Marley, the Labrador, from a puppy, all the [...]