How to Get International Driving Permit from Malaysia

This post applies to a Malaysian who holds a valid Malaysian driving license. If you are planning to travel overseas- whether for vacation or work and you forsee that you will need to drive, please get an International Driving Permit. You need not sit for theory exams or do your practical just to get the [...]

How to Make a Malaysian Passport

UPDATE: Renewing passport is now very easy.  PLEASE CLICK HERE to view my updated post in July 2017 on changing both my NRIC (to the new version) and renewing my passport on the same day at Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri at Jalan Duta.  The process would be similar with other immigration branches, however the duration may [...]

Spending a Day in Malacca

In May 08, I drove down to Malacca for a visit. Actually, it was my first time driving down there. The other times I was there, I had travelled via bus with a group of people- that was years ago. And I cannot remember the direction, except that I’ve stayed in Equitorial Hotel. For a [...]