The importance of having personal accident insurance coverage

Many years ago, a rich man bought a total of 17 life insurance policies and he was paying about RM10000 per year which is enormous for those day’s money. Faithfully he paid for the installments every month. The one day, he got involved in an accident and lost the function of one of his hands. [...]

Just invest, do average dollar costing and get on with life

There are those who effectively soak up information on the market, economy development, the best market and stock to invest in, etc. And they seemed to have good judgement skills and knowledge to be able to be able to make money most of the time. On the other hand, there are those who does not seemed [...]

Invest your money rather than spending it all off

About few months back, I’ve attended a course on investment. The speaker is a very sincere guy who has many years of experience in the investment industry. He mentioned 3 golden rules to follow with your money. The first rule is: INVEST YOUR MONEY IN ORDER TO GROW IT Invest your money We would not [...]

The biggest lesson I have learned about money

I would like to share this real personal experience of mine to serve as a lesson for all. I’ve learned a hard lesson about money management and I sincerely hope that others will not need to learn things the hard way, like I did: My past mistake During my initial working years, I was quite [...]

Would you rather pay for the ambiance or the taste?

My Marketing lecturer during university taught us that many restaurants can charge a ridiculous amount for food because of the decoration and ambiance. That’s why we chose to drink coffee in Starbucks instead of a coffee stall by the roadside. And we chose to eat our chicken rice at some air con, tastefully decorated place [...]