The Darker Side of Halloween

During Halloween celebration, many people start to dress in scary customs- and various food, candies, cakes and even the entire office/home are filled with decorations of ghouls, witches, black cats, pumpkins with faces, etc. By doing that, our mind may tend to associate with these things- especially if we engage in time consuming preparation. Personally, [...]

Hidden Dangers of Watching Excessive Violent, Ghost or Porn Shows

When I was in my teens, I remember reading an article whom the writer states that: excessive indulgence of movies that shows violence, revenge, murder, horror movies with demons, ghost and spirits taking revenge, as well as porn will lower the person’s vibration levels. It makes the person susceptible to influence of dark and evil [...]

The “Eye”- the ability to see the departed

This topic is going to be a bit unconventional- the ability to see those who have passed on. I know of a friend who had this ability to see the dead. It runs in her family and her entire family can also see these beings as well, but to a different degree. Like she sees [...]