Would you rather pay for the ambiance or the taste?

My Marketing lecturer during university taught us that many restaurants can charge a ridiculous amount for food because of the decoration and ambiance. That’s why we chose to drink coffee in Starbucks instead of a coffee stall by the roadside. And we chose to eat our chicken rice at some air con, tastefully decorated place [...]

Mental Calmness & Clarity

When you are under stress, such as too many things to do but too little time, or having the phone on your desk ringing non stop from people chasing for answers, how to you feel? Is your mind scattered? Or are you in control? Or during meetings and discussions at work, do you focus on [...]

Money is not everything

To cover day-to-day expenses, yes. We need money to pay rent, installments, groceries, and other bills. To pay back money that you owe your friends- that’s very important because if you don’t, it may cause you the friendship or hard feelings. Today, money means much more than to cover the necessities. Many people define their [...]