success stories

An interesting interview with a successful corporate figure

There is a very good article that I came across from The Star Bizweek with Tengku Zafrul Aziz under the Business section of “Your 10 Questions”. Each week, a public figure will be picked to answer 10 questions. I learned a lot from the article that I think it is too good to just be yesterday’s news [...]

How We Survived the Previous Recession

In late 90s, recession hit the world- and Malaysia was badly affected by the economic crisis. During that time, university graduates find themselves without a job- when these students first enrolled in university, Civil Engineering and IT were popular courses. When they graduate, the economy crashed and many construction projects were abandoned. So it meant [...]

Home Based Business- you don’t need a BA degree to succeed

At one point of another, most of us would have wanted to start of a home based business. We dream of leaving the working life, the blue Mondays and start a business where we can operate from home. We read up all the books there are about successful home based business, spent endless hours during [...]