touching story

Being Grateful for the Little Things in Life

We seemed to be falling into hard times now. What we want, we never seemed to get- or when we get, eventually we end up wanting more. Spending almost a year staying in a foreign country had really changed my perspective about life and everything in general. Living with the rich as well as the poor [...]

If I have one more day with you

I find advertisement by Petronas that are either aired on the TV or published in the papers very meaningful during every festive season. The advertisement by Petronas always managed to send the message across, touching hearts and lives. This year, is no different. Here is the advertisement posted by Petronas during this Chinese New Year. [...]

Spiritual Partner

Picture above is taken from a wall painting in the Burmest Temple in Burmah Road, Penang, Malaysia (click on picture for a bigger view). Below is extracted from the Notes section (page 478) of Venerable Acariya Mun Bhuridatta Thera- A Spiritual Biography: Spiritual partner. Literally, “one’s partner in developing the spiritual perfections (parami). Most living [...]