We Cannot Have Everything in Life

There is a price to pay regardless of the path we choose in life. You gain one thing, but you lose another. We just cannot have everything- but we have to decide if the tradeoff is worth it. So far, I have not came across anything that had convinced me otherwise. You’ll probably can quote [...]

What matters the most

Recently, we have witnessed the natural earth disaster happening to Burma and China. So many people lost their loves ones in the tradegy. People in disaster struck areas are removed and would not be going back to the place that they had called home. Memories of losing loved ones are inconceivable and hard to bear- [...]

The Worst Time of the Year by Korky Vann

The following article is published in The Sunday Star (Malaysian paper) today under Fit for Life section. This insightful article is writen by Korky Vann. Initially I intended to summarise the article and link back to the original post online but have not been able to locate the source. Weeks before the holidays are difficult [...]