Cheap but effective way to organize your luggage and handbag

Last month when I was travelling, I tried to figure out a way which I could organize some items that could cause chaos in my luggage bag- meaning after packing them, I would have problem locating these items in my luggage. These items are:  chargers for mobile phone, netbook, camera, international adaptors, spare batteries SD, media cards, [...]

Documents to bring when renewing your Malaysian passport

UPDATE: Renewing passport is now very easy.  PLEASE CLICK HERE to view my updated post in July 2017 on changing my NRIC and renewing my passport on the same day at Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri at Jalan Duta.  The process of renewing would be similar at other immigration branches however the duration may differ. Below [...]

Resigning from the job and plunging into the unknown

Few days ago I was talking to a friend- who is serving her notice as she had tendered her resignation. After almost 20 years of working with the same organization that she had ever known (her very first job), she felt disillusioned and very exhausted. She watched as some of her friends, even though being [...]

Should you just quit your job and go travelling?

I believe there must be a number of people out there who are seriously thinking of quiting their jobs go either go for a lower paying job or go travelling. Because that is how I noticed a number of visitors have found my blog and stayed on to read more articles. Since I have experience [...]