Website or Facebook page-which one is better

It seems that the trend now is for small business or SME are investing time in updating Facebook pages instead of creating a full fledged website. The justification is because: 1. A Facebook page is free. 2. A Facebook page can be created by just about anyone without any programming knowledge. 3. Articles in Facebook [...]

Starting a catering business- you must have your own website

If plan to start your own small catering company or just a part-time catering business, it is important to incorporate a website as part of your business. Why is a website important? Because it is a 24×7, 365 days in a year of low cost promotional tool for your site. It’s important for your existing [...]

Why it is important for a company to have a website

A company really needs a website if it wants to continue to be competitive in today’s era.  Setting up a website need not be difficult- you can even engage a college IT student to do it for a low cost in exchange for a good portfolio (having developed website for a good and known company would definitely [...]

The Malaysian Star paper launches e-paper

My family have been an avid and loyal reader of The Star paper – we subscribe the paper to be delivered to our home every day from the newspaper man. So today, when I saw the headlines in black borders, I wondered what had happened- As it turns out, The Star paper is launching the [...]

How a well-known book publisher keeps its popularity alive

Today, let’s talk about a very popular book publisher: The Dummies series. Most of us would at least have 1 book from either the Complete Idiot’s Guide or the ____ for Dummies. For me, I have the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being an Entrepreneur (bought it first hand years ago during the heyday of my [...]