Starting a catering business- you must have your own website

If plan to start your own small catering company or just a part-time catering business, it is important to incorporate a website as part of your business. Why is a website important? Because it is a 24×7, 365 days in a year of low cost promotional tool for your site. It’s important for your existing [...]

What is wrong with monetizing your site using Google Adsense

If you are wrestling with the dilemma of whether to monetize your blog or website, do note that many well-known sites have put up Google Adsense as one of their primary advertising means. Most readers would understand- that a website runs on continous costs… hosting, hiring writers, programmers and designers. In order to continue to provide [...]

How a company losses in revenue when the website is not developed properly

I would like to present the following case study- to show how a company can potentially lose out a lot in profit, consumer interest if it does not have a comprehensive, informative and interesting corporate website. To setup and run a website is so inexpensive and yet the site is your effective marketing tool 24 [...]