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Changing from Free to Paid Themes for all my Blogs

Previously, I have spent a lot of time searching for good free Wordpress templates for all my blogs. I have a number of blogs and trying to work out the right kind of look using a free theme with my limited coding abilities is a real challenge. The decision came yesterday for me to make the decision to [...]

How to have recent posts from other blogs published in your sidebar

If you have multiple blogs and would like to have recent posts from your other blogs being populated at your blog’s sidebar, there’s a few Wordpress plugins for it.  I have installed the RSS Blogroll plugin by Greg Jackson (visit plugin site). For instance, at this blog, you can see that there’s a sidebar content of “More [...]

How to get Related Posts Plugin to work

Benefits of Having a Related Posts plugin Related Posts plugin is one of important plugin that every well planned self hosted Wordpress blog should have. I realised this during the days when I was hosting with blogger- and during the time, I actually manually added the Related Posts myself at the end of every post [...]