The benefits of average dollar cost vs lump sum investment.

Suppose $10,000 is all you are able to set aside to invest. Since no one could predict the market, avoid putting in the entire sum. Put in an initial amount, say $2000 to invest, then do dollar averaging to deduct maybe $100 or $200 per month for you to purchase the funds. Average dollar costing [...]

Just invest, do average dollar costing and get on with life

There are those who effectively soak up information on the market, economy development, the best market and stock to invest in, etc. And they seemed to have good judgement skills and knowledge to be able to be able to make money most of the time. On the other hand, there are those who does not seemed [...]

Passive income is not entirely passive- there is no free lunch in this world

The world today is moving towards passive income. Money making gurus are advocating earning passive income as the way to go- that you can make money while you sleep, play golf, go on vacation, etc. Passive income is a smart way to earn money and should be the way forward compared to active income. Or [...]

How to Build Up a Passive Income Stream from Young

This is the final part of the Article Series on Holiday/Summer Jobs for Students/Teenagers. This article will discuss on selecting a job that can help you to built up a passive income stream from where you are now. Passive income, as the name implies, is earning income even while you are not working. Looking back, [...]

Consider having a second income stream

I have great admiration for those who are willing to take on additional jobs to supplement their income during bad times. Last weekend, I was at the night market and saw happy young kids passing by me with floating balloons in their little hands. There were balloons of Doremon, Sponge Bob and other cartoon characters. [...]