My hotmail account got hijacked for spam

It all started yesterday when I attempted to login to my Hotmail account after about few weeks of not login. After after I entered my email and user name, I was redirected to a site that indicated my account have violated the Terms of Usage in Hotmail and it could be that my account was [...]

How to download YouTube videos to MP3 Player

It’s difficult to really find a combination of songs that we specifically like in one album. YouTube have most of the videos that I search for- and to download their videos as well as to convert the videos into audio for my MP3 player, I use RealPlayer- because the application enable me to play MP3 [...]

Things do happen for a reason

When I came back from Thailand last month, I found out that my laptop could no longer go online because the network card was damaged due to a lightning storm (I was fortunate the contents of my laptop was intact). As I run my blogs part-time, I cannot go without an internet connection. Furthermore, I keep [...]

Street Photography- shooting candid images from everyday life

Pardon me for my outmost ignorance but I am really a noob when it concerns DSLR or iPhone. But for more than a year since starting my Visit Malaysia (various places to visit in Malaysia, from a perspective of a Malaysian) and Creatively Inspired (things around the world that inspired creativity within) blogs, I started shooting a lot of [...]

Page Rank Drop- Does it affect blog traffic and earnings?

Last year during second day Chinese New Year, I was shocked when the page rank of my Health Blog dropped to N/A.  Again, this year during the second day of CNY, I did a quick login and again noticed that the rank dropped to 1. Last year, I was testing with Amazon affiliate program- in which I promptly [...]