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Ghost influence in suicides

Hi to all my readers. I’ve decided to focus more on making YouTube videos to tell my stories because the videos are quite fun to make. In the video below, published in my YouTube channel, I share on a touching story about a man who made a pack with a female ghost to save people. [...]

My religious fanatic roommate who sent me a dream

Today, I feel compelled to write about an experience I had during my first year of university. Thinking back about the incident it was kinda funny now but at that point of time it was scary. Long time ago, I pursued my tertiary education at a university in another state. During our first year, outstation [...]

A story of how easy to form destructive kammic links

If you are able to understand Cantonese language, there are lots of interesting paranormal stories told by people in Hong Kong that is way scarier but contains a lesson behind it. I have encountered a few excellent Buddhist teachers in my life who told me that the moment a person understands kamma, one will be [...]

No point of revenge or getting even

There would come a time in our lives where we may be betrayed by someone we thought we could trust. This is followed by feelings of intense anger but essentially it may be masking feelings of sadness and grief. When this happens, our first instinct may be go seek revenge of the wrongdoing done against [...]

New Year resolutions? How about being just who you are

The new year has come and gone. With the new year coming, the most common new year resolutions are to lose weight, to get richer, to get married, to have children, to buy a home, to change car, etc.. But how about honoring yourself and being who you truly are? This is important because this [...]