Tis Thing Called Life

Here you would be able to view jottings and reflections that I have on life in general. Articles with images are newer articles whereby those without images are older articles.

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My dog had died

I received the sad news from my brother that my dog of 10 years has passed away on Thuraday, 2 days ago. I was away.Ah Win was born in 2010 from a neighbor’s dog who had given birth to a litter of puppies. He was the weakest of all the pups. In the beginning I [...]

The happiest in time is when we are struggling or in hardship

When interviewed, millionaires often say that ironically the happiest time of their life was during the time when they were struggling and was giving their best shot. The long hours, the uncertainty, backing from a best friend, business partner or spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend who totally believe in them. With success, many things change. Unknown people coming out [...]

When it is time to let a long friendship go

We will go through different phrases in life, finding and embarking on different path. Our best or closest friends may share our perpective and choices. Or they may not. Sometimes a long term friendship may seemed to drift apart for non apparent reason. Just like it takes two hands to clap, keeping in touch requires [...]

Don’t be the cause of friction for your kids by repeating rants

In life we have been told to always speak the truth. But if the truth cause division in others, then your words of truth becomes harmful. In such instance, it is better to keep quiet. If you are a parent and one day, your daughter comes to you and complain about her brother (your son) [...]

Those who complain about you may not mean it- so don’t be hurt

You may have lose complete trust or broken off a relationship with a person when you find that person was complaining or talking bad about you behind your back. The more you value and treasure the person, the more his/her words hurt you to the core. Usually before the feelings of hurt and betrayal sets [...]