Should you work for a company with questionable principles?

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This is a continuation of the previous article, “Should you accept donation from bad people for a good cause?”

In terms of corporate life, a leader is often paid to sometimes implement changes that are more for the shareholders interest instead of the staff and customers. Should a leader continue to work for such an organization?

If the leader leaves and join another organization, it would probably be the same. Business are build in a way to be able to maximize profits and minimize costs. The way of achieving that objective sometimes are less ethical. The profit earned goes to the pockets of the shareholders and top management whereas demotivated staff find themselves not rewarded for the hard work done.

To stay and continue may imply that the leader agrees with the principles. And thus the dilemma.

Even if one goes to NGO, the situation is the same. Most NGOs are cannot pay well but people work there for a cause and not for the pay.  Sometimes people go back to the corporate world when they find the practice did not differ much from the corporate world.

We would again come back to the point: what is your personal objective and goal in life?

If you want to inspire and help others to realize their potential, then you can do it anywhere or in any company. For example, the company may be too profit orientated and have bad management, and you may feel you want to quit and go to a better company.

But if you look around the staff below you or around you who seemed to be suffering and demotivated, instead of joining the bandwagon and leaving, perhaps you can ask yourself, “what can I go to make a difference?”.

If you want to live up to your own personal mission to make a difference in the lives of others- ask yourself, could you do anything with your skill to be able to help them?

You need not agree with the management. Heck, you need not even like them. But every month, rain or shine, they pay you salary. You may not like the stuff that you are being forced to do- but they had to be done. So how can you ‘soften’ the blow for those around you? Perhaps you can write clearer manuals to guide them to the change? Perhaps you can take time to talk and motivate them?

They might hate their job but you know, the foundation of their future career is often build on handling tough situations. Like your muscles, you need to lift weight to form them. And you need to gradually move on to heavier weights in order to be stronger. If they run away, often they will continue running away when situation are tough. There are those who stay on (because probably they could not find a better job). They are miserable, they hate it but ask yourself, since you are on the same boat as them, is there anything you can do to make their lives better?

If you decide to embark this, you would find yourself feeling overwhelmed and full of conflict initially. It is also your opportunity for growth and with these discomfort, you are working against your own limitations. If you can get past this, you may transform into someone that you’ve never thought you would be.

Of course, you would not remain in the same place forever. When the time comes, you would be able to leave and move on further towards realizing your full potential.

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