Have a heart for wildlife- when the demand stops, so would the killings

It is very sad that a recently, a published report of how a tiger was cruelly killed in the forest reserve in Malaysia. A snare was laid out in the forest on 25 January. On 2 Feb, a tiger’s left forelimb was caught in the snare. Then on 3rd February, the group of orang asli [...]

Do not inflict harm on others who do not harm

Recently, local villages were perplexed as to why a cow would chose to bite a man (source: Village astir after cow bites man, The Star, 16 Nov 09). An odd job worker was clearing the jungle when a cow came from behind the bush and viciously bit his hand- causing him to be hospitalized. At [...]

Keeping Pets Allowed Your Kid to Develop Positive Qualities

If you have a kid and you want to instill positive qualities in the kid, you may want to consider keeping a family pet. Most children are attracted by animals- it is common to see young children tugging at their parents’ and begging to take a particular pet home. Pets have a very theraupetic effect on [...]

Please Do Not Eat Animals that are Not Meant to be Eaten

During a trip to the Chow Kit market, I was shocked to see that my favourite species of tortoise was being sold for meat. At first, I thought the guy was selling it for people to buy as pets. But the tortoise were all grown up and when I looked further, I saw a plastic [...]

My Chicken Soup Story for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here and many families are planning celebrations like lunch or dinner buffets for the moms in the family. Major shopping complexes would undoubtedly be jammed packed with families. Just like Valentine’s Day, many will end up paying for overpriced menus, flowers and gifts. But for my mom, she would always opt not [...]