Don’t only work for money

When we want to do something, it should not always be for the money, Or what it is in for us. Else, we would just be following like the waves of the world… If people say this is good, we go for it… When people say that is profitable, everyone flock to it. When we [...]

There is no such thing as a dream job or dream company

Dream jobs and dream companies does not exist. So far, I have not come across anyone who could tell me that their in their dream job. You may hear people who just joined a company telling you this at first- but ask them back the same question after 3 or 6 months, you are bond [...]

Should you quit your job to blog full time?

It depends on your MAIN and REAL reason behind blogging. Is it to make money? To share your thoughts? To promote your product and services? If you are in it just for the dough $$$$….. Many people blog just for the money. Here are my experiences of the few years I spend running blogs part-time (most of [...]

Academic results is not an indication of a person’s success in life

Often, parents get very concerned when their kids are not doing well in school. Sometimes, I feel very sorry for kids nowadays who constantly have the pressure to do well in school.  Even if they get 95% at school, the parents may scold them for not getting 100% or if another boy beats him at [...]

When you are sick of working with someone else for a living

When I was in Singapore, I’ve met a guy who is now in a similar industry as I was. He was only a few years older than me, slot his guts out with the company but find that there are many things out of this control. So he had wanted to come out and take the [...]